About Us

Our Vision

Celebrating creation of online legacies

Our Values

Our core values of Privacy, Responsibility, and Quality Servitude are embedded throughout our services

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Our Purpose

We are a company dedicated to providing individuals and their families solutions that eliminate burdens and share memories that last for generations.


Logan Lacher

Co-founder & CEO

Logan is a graduate student of the Fowler College of Business. at San Diego State University. After a decade of battling epilepsy resulting in life changing experiences, Logan decided that creating a legacy for himself was something that needed to be achieved. Traditional estate planning was not necessary, but a way to protect his digital assets was. With no solution to this problem, he developed a way to solve it. After years of planning and discovery LoginLegacy was born.


Jake Bradley


Jake’s passion to leave behind a lasting impact on the world has led him to start a company that celebrates life. He co-founded LoginLegacy with the determination to give individuals flexibility in preserving their online legacy. He often says, “It’s not all about what we do in life, but rather how those who love us remember us”. Jake’s desire to give people control over their online legacy has led to the creation of a new way to be remembered in this digital first era. 


Meredith Beall

Chief Digital Officer

Meredith’s creativity and ability to think outside of the box has pushed her to become a major factor in building the LoginLegacy brand. She is a skilled content creator with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to bring a brand to life. Meredith believes that all people regardless of their age and background deserve to have control over their online legacy. This has driven her to tell Login Legacy’s story and raise awareness in this emerging industry.

Our History

LoginLegacy Inc. was founded by Logan Lacher and Jake Bradley in San Diego, California. After battling epilepsy for eight years, Logan came to the revelation that their was no way for him to decide what happens to his online accounts postmortem. As an entrepreneur he decided to find a solution that would help everyone. The LoginLegacy team is comprised of professionals in their respective fields who are all dedicated to solving this problem in the estate planning and pre-need industries. We are motivated to create partnerships in these industries to raise awareness of the problem and implement the solution as a regular part of the process.