Frequently Asked Questions


Is My Information secure?

We use government level security to encrypt all of your data. Only you have access to your data until you pass away. Once that happens, a trusted individual that you pick is required to notify us through a secure portal. This is where we verify a death certificate and government ID. After that, our account professionals perform account closure, download, or memorialization per your requests. 

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What Accounts Do We service?

We offer our services on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Identity Providers such as Google, Apple, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Entertainment such as Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and Soundcloud. And much more! The best part is our membership services an UNLIMITED number of accounts. It can be 5 or 500, It only takes 1 for hackers to steal your identity. We do not service financial accounts such as Banks, Online Brokerages, or financial services. However, in the future more options will be added!

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Do I Need a Will or Trust?

No. You do not need a will or trust. Unlike traditional assets (a house, business, bank account), laws have been passed that apply directly to the transferring of digital assets for people after they die. This opens up a new realm of possibilities. If all you need is the assurance that your digital assets will be protected, LoginLegacy is right for you. However, it is still recommended that you create a will or trust for the protection of your other assets.

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When Will Our Platform Become Available?

LoginLegacy's public launch is estimated to take place in Early 2022. For our Early Access members, we will be sending a beta version of our software before our public launch. If you are interested in Early Access please click the register button located on our join page.

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Who Owns My Data?

Your data is completely under your control. You simply tell us what you want done with it. LoginLegacy never owns your data. We are an intermediary of the estate planning process. If you request for your data to be downloaded and given to an individual, we will give it to that person and they will own that data. 

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Why Do I Pay Annually?

Life is unpredictable. You don't pay for life insurance all at once, right? Because we operate as a subscription based platform, we are able to keep the price down for our members.  Our annual membership costs less than a streaming service! Securing your online legacy should be affordable to everyone. When you become a LoginLegacy member, you are valued not as a number, you are valued as an individual.

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When do I pay?

By registering, you secure your Early Access Membership Price. When our software becomes publicly available, you will receive an exclusive offer only available to those who register early. That price will never go up.

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